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Shrimp tartar marinated in calamansi lemon vinegar and local avocado brunoise with virgin pistachio

Dernière mise à jour : 12 sept. 2023

Ingredients for shrimps & marinades

- 20 pieces fresh shrimp

- 50g hazelnut oil

- 40g chopped ginger

- 150gr calamansi lemon vinegar (Huilerie Beaujaulaise)

- 30grs white celery leaf

- Bora Bora salt

- 1 piece lime

Ingredients for the avocado marinade

- 1 piece avocado

- 250grs virgin pistachio oil

- 12gr raspberry vinegar (Huilerie Beaujolaise)

- Bora Bora salt

Preparation for raw shrimp :

- Shell the fresh shrimp and cut in half, taking care to remove the guts, then cut into small cubes.

- Keep chilled on ice.

- Mix calamansi lemon vinegar with chopped ginger, hazelnut oil and lime zest.

- Wash and chop celery leaves and add to marinade.

- Add the shrimps, stir gently and season with salt.

- Keep in a cool place.

Preparation for avocado marinade :

- Peel and dice the avocado.

- Mix with virgin pistachio oil.

- Marinate for 30 minutes in a cool place.


- Add raspberry vinegar to avocado.

- Arrange the marinated avocado in small verrines.

- Add the shrimp tartar

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