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The Ultimate Gift Box

The Ultimate Gift Box

49,00 €Prix

This beautiful gift set is a collection of all three of our salt flavours (Pure, Tahitian Vanilla,
Polynesian Ginger and Curcuma) presented in a ceramic chamber and displayed in an
elegant gift box.

  • Our directions for using the salt:

    Unique as much for its texture as for its flavour and delicacy, our salt is a must in your kitchen to cook all kinds of food and to add an exotic touch in all your culinary creations.

    Tahitian Vanilla:
    It will enhance the flavours of fish and shellfish. Use it to salt and flavour pastries, creamy sauces, or certain vegetables such as squashes, courgettes, pumpkins, etc.

    The ginger and curcuma salt goes perfectly with Asian dishes, white meat, and fish. It also enhances the taste of different salads and tofu and adds a unique exotic flavour.

  • Ingredients:

    Sea Salt (NaCl) 95,3% 
    Sulfate (So42-) 2,33% 
    Magnesium (Mg) 0,71% 
    Calcium (Ca) 0,56% 
    Potassium (K) 0,42%
    Tahitian Vanilla
    Polynesian Ginger&Curcuma

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